Together we have over 123 years of specialized greenhouse production experience. Our team is tapped into our creativity and focused on naming and taming our challenges to grow the business and the highest quality vegetable transplants in Canada.

Jim Olsthoorn

 - Vice President of Business Development

Jim is the Vice President of Business Development at Seacliff and brings over 35 years in the Agriculture and Horticultural business. He has held various positions at Seacliff such as CEO, COO, and Business Development to name a few. Jim has an educational background in Sales and Marketing and is an all-around good person, which is what he is most proud of!

Michael Falcioni

 - Head Grower

Michael Falcioni is the head grower at Seacliff and has been in the greenhouse industry for 11 years. He has been with Seacliff for those 11 years. He previously worked in the horticulture industry in golf courses and various landscaping positions prior to moving to the Leamington area. Fascinating fact about Michael, while completing his horticulture technician diploma at St. Clair, he took a facility tour of Seacliff and was fascinated with the facility and fast paced environment. Fast forward a couple of years he saw the company was hiring for an assistant grower position. He jumped on the opportunity and quickly moved from the GTA to begin his career at Seacliff. He takes pride on being part of the Seacliff team, providing high quality vegetable transplants to customers for over the last 10+ years. Michael enjoys golfing, growing, home projects and reading.

Jeremy Hayes

 - Vegetable Sales Manager

Jeremy Hayes has been in the Greenhouse industry for 13 years. His career in the business began in 2008, at a specialty horticulture supplier; Plant Products as a Technical Sales Representative. In the 11 years working with Plant Products, he enjoyed putting together nutrition and pest control programs for his greenhouse vegetable and flower customers. With agriculture as his passion, he was eager to work directly in the greenhouse, and in October 2019 he jumped at the chance to join the team at Seacliff. It gives him great energy and satisfaction to champion the success of the Seacliff team as a key partner to the high-tech family farms that make up this industry. When not at the farm he is with his family, gardening and enjoying outdoor sports.

“May the seeds you plant today be the bounty of your tomorrow!”

Cindy Schmidt

 - Vegetable Administrator

Cindy is the key Vegetable Administrator and has been with Seacliff since 2007. She made the move from Niagara to join the Seacliff Vegetable team in 2017. She was raised on a grape farm in the Niagara region where she found her passion for the farming industry. The most inspiring part of her job is working with the entire team to plan, purchase materials and see all of the month’s work come together in a short propagation season. When she is away from work she enjoys hanging out with her family and puppies!

Jidvar Claros

 - Grower

Jidvar Claros is a grower at Seacliff and has been with the company for 7 years. He has been working in the greenhouse industry for the last 10 years. Jidvar has a background in Computer Engineering. If he wasn’t so good at his job he would be a Data Analyst or Software Developer. The most inspiring part of his job is seeing the plants, their life cycle and knowing everything we grow is going to help others. His passions outside of work are travelling, soccer and music! His favourite foods are Salvadorian, Mexican, Chinese and Italian!

Darwin Anibal Baide Mairena

 - Grower

Darwin Anibal Baide Mairena is one of our growers here at Seacliff. He was born and raised in Honduras where from a young age was driven to get a good education, find a meaningful job and make a difference in peoples lives. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and certifications in a number of specialized areas. In 2010 he made the move to Canada where his work in the greenhouse industry started. Over the years he has grown along side the industry, working in leading companies holding various positions such as crop technologist, supervisor, and grower. He has become an accomplished grower in different areas such as propagation, flowers and high wire vegetable crops. With a passion for growing, combined with an understanding of high-tech greenhouse irrigation and climate control systems, Darwin strives to support and develop framework in the organization for a competitive edge. His personal work approach is based on the principles of collaboration, honesty, and respect. Darwin has a love for god and his family who supports him through his endeavours. When he is not at work he enjoys spending time with his dogs, woodworking and of course a good adventure!

Andrew Stevenson

 - Grower

Andrew Stevenson is one of our growers and he is from Wheatley Ontario. He has been in the Greenhouse industry for 3 years with a focus on organic vegetable propagation.

Aaron Dunlop

 - Grower

Aaron has been a grower with Seacliff since 2017 and has over 17 years’ experience growing ornamentals. He is looking forward to learning more about the vegetable side of the industry. When he’s not working he enjoys his time in Muskoka.

Micheline Obeid

 - Lead Production Supervisor

Micheline is a Senior Production Supervisor with 30 years of experience in the greenhouse industry. She joined Seacliff in 2011, and enjoys the fast paced nature of her position. Outside of work, Micheline loves spending time with her family and takes any opportunity to play with her beautiful granddaughter.

Marlin Claros

 - Junior Production Supervisor

Marlin is the Junior Production Supervisor and has been in the greenhouse industry for 19 years. She has been with Seacliff for 5 years. The most inspiring part about her job is working with vegetables and seeding. If she wasn’t working in the greenhouse industry she would be a nurse. Marlin loves watching movies and going to soccer games with her family on her down time.

Stephanie Jardim

 -  Logistics Coordinator

Stephanie Jardim is our Logistics Coordinator and has been with Seacliff since 2011. She thrives on being busy and enjoys the rush of the busy shipping seasons! She loves her Seacliff team and is always available to help when needed. One of her biggest passions outside of work is her family.

Alberto Cisneros

 - CEO

Alberto is the CEO of Seacliff and brings over 20 years of experience directing Operations at some of the largest companies in the Floriculture industry such as: Yoder Brothers, Color Star, and Altman Plants/Color Spot. He has obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Sciences, an engineering degree in Horticulture, and lastly a post graduate degree in Soil Chemistry and Crop Fertigation. There couldn’t be a better fit for the CEO of Seacliff!